about us

Takashi Sato

佐藤 敬

born in Nagano Japan in 1976
when in high school first touch ceramics and electric wheel
university Texas Christian University in USA for 1 year
studied in Karatsu,Kumamoto,and Mashiko
learned kick wheel from Tsuneo Narui in Mashiko
stay in Mashiko since at the age of 25th


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what is fun in kerokuro

when i kick the wheel,the speed of the wheel is exactly the result of my foot movement.
there is nothing between my foot and the wheel.

sometimes electric wheel goes on faster and faster or rotating in the same speed.

using kick wheel, the speed depends on each person. and it makes the work different.

that is i call “originality”.

there is nothing to do to make originality.

we don’t have to use special decoration, drawing or glaze to show our originality.

about my master, Tsuneo Narui

I want to tell everyone about Tsuneo Narui

What he told us

“firewood first, cray first”

this is a phrase of Tsuneo.
it means that he buy firewood and cray first above everything else when he get some money.

I learned a lot about ceramics and other things.

I’m going to write about him on journal a little by little.

knead, draw and bake.

knead up a clay, draw a potters wheel and bake it up.

I knead while putting the air with my thumb.

I make a shape with a kicking potters wheel.

There are gas kilns and climbing kilns, and they depend on the work.




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